Don’t put yourself down.

by Josh

I would like to elaborate a little bit more on the point from my last post, about how forcing things usually doesn’t turn out too well.

Laziness and fear are both words with a heavy, negative connotation.
So I felt like I needed to stress that point more, that they are not BAD, or WRONG or NEGATIVE. Like something to be avoided. They’re not.
That was not the point.

The point was to show their connection, and how they can stop you from getting what you want in life.
Or said in another way: they can stop life from giving to you what you need.

First of all: Fear is an emotion, a concoction of nervous and endocrinological (related to hormones) reactions to your circumstances and psychological states. It protects us from harm, but can also prevent us from expressing ourselves fully and making the difference we want to make.
And that’s a shame, innit?

Laziness is an interpretation. Laziness is not something that can be objectively evaluated or measured. Laziness is an interpretation about inaction, or action in what we deem to be “not right kind of action”.
It is a stamp we put on a person that don’t run around as manically as we think is acceptable.
And most often the person we thus judge is ourself. And that too, is a shame.

The real shame though, is to put yourself down about either of the two. To make yourself wrong, to call yourself lazy, or useless.
To give up on yourself. Your ideas and dreams and craziness.
To put yourself down, is to let your self down.
Because that is just a waste of energy and time. Nothing good will ever come from beating yourself up about stuff.
Which is not to say that you shouldn’t have any aspirations.
Just if you fall short, that’s all there really is. You fall short.

If you look up failure in a dictionary it is simply the non-achievement of a desired outcome.

So don’t put yourself down about being, at times, a fearful and lazy bastard. Heck, even if you are fearful and lazy most of the time (I know I am) there is no use whatsoever in putting yourself down about it.

And now,
now you might be putting yourself down about the fact that you put yourself down.
Funny how that works aye?

Yeah, don’t do that either.

Putting yourself down, as easy and automatic as it may seem at times, is an active process.
And just as you actively put yourself down, you can quit.