Trust in Allah, but…

by Josh


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Here’s a bedouin proverb my dad recites often (don’t whistle while you pee, as you might remember is one of his favourites too).

“Trust in Allah,
but don’t forget
to tie up your camel”

It’s one of my favourite proverbs because it illustrates so well, how we need to find a balance between our feelings and our mind.
Recently, listening to this massively inspiring talk by Mr. Alan Watts (you might recall his voice from this video)

I noticed, that for me the scale was heavily tipped towards tying up camels rather than trusting in Allah.
Save money, do your homework, give that guy another call, sell the car, floss regularly, look good, save the world…

So many camels in my life. If only I could sell some.
I am constantly running around, tying up camels everywhere – which is fair enough if I want them to stay.

But although I know nothing about these formidable beasts, I am pretty sure that they prefer to roam free just as much as anyone else.
And if I tie them too tight, and tie too many; the camels wither and I get entangled myself.
Camels you own, end up owning you.

Or so.

And maybe, just maybe; a good camel will stay and flourish without the need for a leash.

Of course I don’t believe in Allah any more than I believe in the tooth fairy, or the great joo-joo-up-the-mountain,  but I do believe, that trust is very essential to a happy life.
This far transcends merely trusting yourself, or others. It means to allow your trust to grow deep roots; in life in general, that every little thing is going to be all right. That’s to live in abundance.

… but don’t forget to tie up your camel.