March 2015

Brush off and try again

February 2015

Some sound advice

Do it for the fun. It’s not always fun? Do it anyway!?

My very own Snowcave

Artfully Dealing with Darkness

January 2015

Start Close In

Supermarket Interior Design Time Thieves (rant)

Gently, Merrily

One week of new Habits

December 2014

New Habits for 2015

Exercising the muscle of quick decisions

A stream of thought

November 2014

A new Carpe Diem

Current commitments and productivity tweaks

Baby Wisdom #2

October 2014

One Dirty Dish

Fear of the Dark

Today is Tomorrow!

Getting Lost

September 2014

Getting Lost

Curiously Engaged

Delhi Wanderings

Nothing Childish in Child’s Play

Where’s the bin?

Revive the beast

December 2013

This is why YOU should start a blog

November 2013

What’s the point of meditation?

5 great ways to start hating yourself today!

Barefoot Running

October 2013

Principles – my mission statement

making a difference

walking the talk

September 2013

constant comparison = no good

the lost art of appreciation

20 questions about now

first things first

August 2013

daoism – say yes and go with the flow


July 2013

The Millionaire Mindset

sticking feathers up your ass doesn’t make you a chicken

Less is more – minimalism in having and doing

June 2013

sow gratitude, reap your superhuman self

leave no tracks

overwhelmed with decisions? –  how to clear your path to fulfillment

May 2013

a little story about the magic of minimalism

The necessity of failure (I don’t know)

cut the crap: stop being so friendly

Minimalist Communication to Make a Difference

April 2013

you are awesome!

a simple guide to meditation

incredibly well connected, yet desperately lonely

After 30 Days on Plants

March 2013

Most likely there is no God, now go and have a nice day! (A toast on Richard Dawkins)

Zeus vs. Jesus – Failure and How I deal with it.

Digital Beauty

After 15 Days on Plants

30 Days on Plants

February 2013

Freedom and other Burdens

20 Questions About Stuff

January 2013

Un-To-Do (your Room)

What are you looking at?

Off the Horse and the Value of Writing

What’s missing in ‘fake it ’til you make it’

Why Discomfort? + My Greatest Fear

December 2012

Leave Something Behind in 2012

How Eating Catfood Can End Bad Habits (including Video Footage)

Christmas catch-up

“We’ll See”

A Good Ol’ Raging Christmas Rant (and ideas for presents)

November 2012

How to Change a Negative Attitude (and Love the Dutch)

Feng Shui & Minimalism

A simple way to stick to your commitments

My Top 5 Reasons to Practice Meditation

October 2012

The unexpected benefits of cleaning up other people’s poo stains

Nameless Article

It’s infection time! Let’s spread some diseases!

The Pursuit of Crappiness

Semtember 2012

Get High, Save the World

Listen to your heart = Listen to your Tummy

Dietary Advice for Canis Lupus

At your service

A simple way to take the leap

August 2012

Walk your talk (and apologize if you dont / dont talk so much)

If you gotta be a Zombie, be a productive Zombie

July 2012

sweet and bitter

June 2012

Fear vs. Fear

Le cold shower

May 2012

Be the one who notices

April 2012

How to become a Superhero Tonight

The 2012 New Years Turbolution

March 2012

Boredom is Awesome

How to be “that guy” who remembers everyone by name

February 2012

Here We Go