Dont whistle while you pee

"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana" – Groucho Marx

Fear and Lazyness

Puddy Tat in a graveyard in Sao Paolo

Which is the most universal human characteristic? Fear or laziness? asks Philosophy Professor Louis Mackey in Richard Linklaters’ Waking Life.

What do you think?

For myself I am pretty sure that, by nature,  I am more often fearful than lazy.
Just simple self expression can seem like such a daunting task at times.
Not to mention singing, or dancing, or talking to strangers, or writing stuff.

Fear in and of itself is not a bad thing. And neither is laziness. They both have their value and their function.
Fear can even be used as a compass in life. And a spot of laziness should be thoroughly enjoyed on a regular basis.

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The Social Immune System

I listened to a tape by David Whyte a couple of days ago and it had an idea inside it, that I found interesting.
He tells a story about a time when he went to Stuttgart as a young man.

Frankly, the story itself seems very far-fetched to me.
But he is trying to make a point about the German word “Nachbarschaft” which literally translates into neighborhood, but apparently has much stronger connotations in German than in English.

He stays is a middle-class neighborhood and everyone there hangs their duvet out on their balconies in exactly the same fashion.

So he washes his socks and proceeds to dry them out on the balcony. Only fifteen minutes later, a delegation of neighbors shows up on his doorstep, demanding to know what these socks are doing out there, messing up the order of duvets.
And he could feel, as he sais, the whole immune system of the neighborhood, trying to restore peace and order.

I was fascinated by this idea, that a neighborhood, or any group of people for that matter could have, or represent an immune system.
(Of course, an immune system that reacts to a pair of drying socks may be called somewhat allergic.)
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Watching it unfold


So let me quickly clean up with a clichée about self development here.
About my own self development infact.
Self development is not about repairing yourself, or as a fact feeling better.
Self development is not about positive thinking.
I am currently going through the motions of a breakup and it sucks.
Ever less, but nonetheless.
It’s not even all that dramatic.
It is just the monkey in my head, raging in it’s cage.
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Back on the Catfood

Screen shot 2015-03-31 at 10.04.22

My brother approached me last week asking me whether I would like to do the catfood thing again.
What for? I was intrigued.
He told me how he’d gotten into a casual habit of smoking again and how it was bugging him.
I was kind of aloof about it, but I said yes and we shook hands on it.
Then, just last weekend I was the driver when my friends and me hit up a party.
Sure enough, I was looking for a diversion other than a cold one.
So my guess would be that that handshake has already saved my lungs from at least three cigarettes, but who could tell?
This is good, I love it.

For those who don’t know:
The catfood thing means that we made an agreement, that we can still smoke as much as we want, but for each cigarette we smoke, we have to eat a spoonful of catfood.

Brush off and try again

Good morning!
Oh, man what a day. I woke up with the sun today and as I write this orange rays work their way up through the mists of a fine spring morning.
Time to write some, to write some. What a to do? To write to publish today. At a minute or two to two. Uuuuuh!
Spring is the most amazing time of year. After long weeks of hibernation and torpor, nature awakes from its slumber in the first warming rays of the sun.
In an almost unreal, wondrous exultation birds sing again, green dots pop up everywhere and people are upbeat for no particular reason. Read the rest of this entry »